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“See, isn’t this neat?
Here we were thinking all we had was one big problem when in actual fact we have hundreds of little problems that we gotta sort out before we even get to the big problem, which means we’re like everybody else in the world.”

Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Charles, Pushing Daisies

What Makes Your ‘Rock’ Big?

  • Perfectionism?
  • Unclear Definition of Done?
  • Lack of Motivation, Interest or ‘Passion’?
  • Task Switching & Work in Progress?
  • Visibility of ‘Rock’?
  • Perceived Size, Effort or Time Investment Needed?
  • Difficulty Letting Go or Delegating?
  • Guilt or Difficulty Admitting Procrastination?
  • Growth Due To Neglect?
  • Emotional Impact or Investment?
  • Something Else?