Cracking Big Rocks Card Deck

How often do you, your teams or your customers face huge or apparently unbreakable challenges? We call these ‘big rocks’.

Which of these apply to you?

  • You have a hurdle that you’d like to get over
  • You’re going through a rocky patch at home or in your professional life
  • There’s something you’re avoiding doing
  • You’ve got a challenging problem that keeps you up at night
  • There’s a project that you’d like to start
  • There’s a dispute or a miscommunication going on around you
  • You’ve completed a task and you’d like to evaluate how it went


The collection of Cracking Big Rocks cards ask questions and give you suggestions to help you get perspective. They can help you come up with unexpected answers, and choose new avenues to pursue.

You’ll be able to use them to recognise your successes, accept and learn from failures and to develop new strategies and insights for demolishing the rocks that may fall in your path in future.

While the strategies may be similar, the path for breaking down each Big Rock is rarely the same.


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